Friday, November 30, 2007

A busy week

This week has been hectic with starting a new job at the local community college library, dealing with a mom in the hospital, and mourning over the Florida State loss to UF. But it's Friday, and I'll drive down to pick up mom and take her home this afternoon. Her surgery went well, and the doctors say all the subsequent test results came back normal.

My new job is interesting, and I work with some great folks. Hopefully in the next week or two I'll be able to pick up some new things to do on a regular basis. It's already been hinted that I might be able to teach some of the orientation classes this summer, so I can look forward to that with fear and trepidation! In the meantime, I'm spending most of my time at the circulation desk, answering questions and doing routine work. I think I can be an real asset there, since I have my Masters in Library Studies, even though my job isn't technically listed as a librarian position. There are lots of possibilities in the future, tho, so I'll do the best I can where I am right now and see what happens.


Avril said...

Maybe I will come harrass you during my visit to my parents! :D Seriously, if we can work in just coffee and a chat somewhere around Glencoe/Gadsden I'd like to. Congrats on the new job!

roger f said...

Way to go! Voncile and I continue to be proud of you and your successes. Enjoyed your first blog especially the article on Anglicanism.

Roger F. Smith