Thursday, January 3, 2008

What I did on my Christmas Vacation.

A report by Zana.

Yes, indeedy, I do feel like an elementary school student now! 8-)

It's amazing - for the first time ever I work at a place that gives all its employees a paid week off between Christmas and New Year's. I didn't have to use my precious vacation days, nor any personal time. Wow. And, just for the record, I work at a state-run institution of higher education. So that in and of itself was a novelty for me. Yay! What did I do with my copious amounts of free time, you ask? I had visits from friends - one here and one here - which were absolutely delightful. Since our relocation this summer, I have yet to forge any new friendships (lots of colleagues and acquaintances, though) so it was WONDERFUL to spend some time with dear friends from far away. Just try to picture this - a librarian, a biologist and a philosopher staying up until one in the morning on New Year's Eve playing Lord of the Rings Risk, with one of the players on a major sugar high. Talk about a HOOT!!!!! {{{{grin}}}}

We also went to Florida and spent some time with the in-laws, and then (at various points during the day) my family came to our house for Christmas. I also spent some quality time as a football-loving couch potato, watching the FSU/Kentucky game (sad but glad they did as well as they did); Auburn/Clemson (happy - what a game!); Florida/Michigan (sad); Alabama/Colorado (sad) and West Virginia/Oklahoma (happy and surprised!)

Now I'm back to the regular schedule, and life is back to normal. Isn't it funny that you spend so much time anticipating and preparing for the holidays, only to look about in surprise when the days have passed by so quickly?

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