Friday, February 1, 2008

A Request for Prayer

My mother (briefly mentioned in an aformentioned post) underwent surgery just after Thanksgiving to remove a cancer tumor. She started chemotherapy yesterday to eradicate the last, recently discovered bits. It's a challenging situation for all concerned, so please, if you feel called to do so, pray for healing and a speedy recovery for her and patience and understanding for those who give her care.


darren said...

I'll be praying.

Shane Hendricks said...

My absolute best wishes and thoughts for Lu. Please keep us informed as to her progress.

Zana said...

Mom had her first round of chemo last Thursday, and seemed to come through it fine. She feels a bit tired, but is in good spirits. I'm guessing that the effect is cumulative, tho, and that she will have an unpleasant time of it as the treatments continue every 21 days. (And I'm most worried that she is not mentally prepared for this eventuality!)