Friday, February 29, 2008

JAMBOG - Phase One

No, really, it's not a plot to take over the world!

Some dear friends host a scavenger hunt (an online version, of course) every now and again. Since this is the first time I've had a blog, this is the first time I've played. So here goes nothing! And of course, it's a narrative. Would you expect anything less from an English-major-turned-librarian?

Here are their objects:
a Book
a Tool
a Chair
a Light
a Food
a Drink
a Toy
a Picture
a Mode of Transportation
Something Yellow
Something Old
Something Electronic
Something Cold

And here is my contribution!

Space, the final frontier....

From the algid reaches of the Andromeda Galaxy, the Enterprise makes its way back to earth, having suffered only minor damage during its five year mission. Lieutenant Scott, ever the miracle worker, has managed to hold the ship together yet once again, MacGyver-like, using nothing but a router and a box of Legos. As Scotty arrives on the bridge for the ubiquitous urgent crisis, the disgruntled look on Kirk’s face is readily apparent. “I have this strange urge for hot cup of Earl Grey tea, but all the replicator can seem to manage is this steaming plate of fajitas!” Quickly, Scott opens the service panel to reveal the inner workings of the machine and discovers the problem posthaste.

“Ah, sir, it seems the system has been reprogrammed for bad 80s music. I dinna think we ken make repairs until we reach earth!” Muttering under his breath about the use of the drachma as a conductive element in the warp core as it relates to replicator repair, he whips out his phaser and blasts the entire panel to smithereens. "Aye, that’ll solve your 80s problem, sir, but now ye kenna hae naught but plomeek soup until I can overhaul the entire system!"

As a disappointed but resigned Kirk retires to his quarters, we see him in a rare moment of solitude, relaxing in his rocker, reading his favorite book. The lamp beside him casts an opaque glow over his prized possession, acquired off-world from an irreputable antiques dealer. The curtains over his porthole are pulled back, revealing the citron glow of the Antares Nebula, which mingled with the lamplight creates a pall of murky light on the floor. The panorama is enhanced by the picture near the door, bringing the vastness of space into sharp relief.

Breathing a quiet sigh, he started his personal log, "Stardate 0803.03, after five years we have returned...." be continued


the Joneses said...

As you'll see from the Phase 2 post now up, you enter the arena with only four of your objects. So choose four (preferably BEFORE you read our post!) and get started! You've got lots of potential for entertainment here. :)

And looking forward to the rest of the story, too.

-- SJ

Zana said...

Allrighty - I am choosing something COLD (Andromeda Galaxy)
a TOOL (router)
a DRINK (tea, Earl Grey, hot)
a PICTURE (Starry Night)