Wednesday, March 5, 2008

JAMBOG - Phase Two

I must solve the scenario below using four of the items (chosen earlier). (see here for full instructions)

Scenario: The president has just been kidnapped by terrorists. You, as the special agent, are transported to their stronghold. How do you rescue the president?

My items are:
Something COLD (the Andromeda Galaxy)
a TOOL (router)
a DRINK (tea, Earl Grey, hot)
a PICTURE (Starry Night)

First, two scene-setting points: 1) the terrorist stronghold is in the basement of the Museum of Modern Art (where Van Gogh’s “Starry Night” is housed) 2) this story is tied directly with my Phase One (and thank you for using the word "transported"!)

I contact the Enterprise using my Swiss army knife and a paper clip to turn my digital watch into an SOS signal. (Hey - that should at least count for MacGyver points!)

Scott utilizes the gravitational pull of the Andromeda Galaxy’s core to slingshot back to 2008, and then uses the ship’s transporter to beam Kirk and Spock to the museum where they will give me valuable assistance.

Kirk uses the router to drill through the lock on the loading dock door so we can gain access to the basement.

I call out “Can someone from maintenance help me with this painting,” prompting the terrorists to open the stronghold door. I wave for them to come help me move the crated “Starry Night.”

Hot Earl Grey tea plus blue oil paint scrapings (aged on French canvas for at least 100 years) make a volatile oil/acetate slurry, that when agitated by an aluminum rod (my paper clip attached to the router bit) creates a concussion bomb, rendering the terrorists unconscious.

The terrorists are tied up with the router power cord, and the president is safe!


J said...

Awesome!!! You have a definite flair for this! I think you should be the next Librarian.


Blondie said...
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Blondie said...

Hilarious! Your roots in 80s spy and sci-fi television have paid off! (I apologize for deleting, I had a grammatical error!)

Queen of Carrots said...

Yeah, but what happens to *Starry Night*? I'm not sure that's a worthy enough cause to sacrifice the painting. ;-)

Zana said...

It doesn't get destroyed. (Merely a few blue paint flecks scraped off the corner!) It was a diversion, and when the bad guys got knocked out by the concussion bomb, I carefully returned it to the restoration room and it remained safe and sound! 8-) (can you tell I've thought WAAAAAAY too much about this?