Thursday, May 22, 2008

Happy Anniversary to Us

The philosopher and I are celebrating our 14th anniversary today.

::big, cheezy grin::

He bought me an old fashioned Galileo thermometer and glass liquid barometer set (much like this one). It's a Good Thing to be married to your best friend, who knows all your quirks and all the odd things you'll find endearing (even though most folks would say, "What a geek!") What did I give him, you ask? A bottle of wine and a potted purple violet (even though I swore when we bought his telescope that he would receive no gifts for any occasion until Christmas!). But I couldn't stand it, and thought a bottle of Italian chianti would be perfect. He thought so too. 8-) Now THAT is nerdy.

We're still deeply in love, and that too is a Good Thing.

"Years ago You took two selfish, self-centered people and taught us to put You at the center of our hearts and marriage. You taught us to take our problems to Your first, then each other. You taught us the delight of putting our mate's needs over our own.You taught us to serve one another in love. Your taught us that sharing disappointments and pain was another side of sharing our love. We have experienced the sweetness that together we're stronger than either one alone. From the wellsprings of my heart, thank You, Lord." (from here)


J said...

Congratulations! 14 years, wow. That probably makes you and the Philosopher some pretty good experts on marriage.

So tell us, what is the secret to having such a happy and wonderful marriage? :^)

Zana said...

Hm. I definitely don't consider myself an expert, but here are some things I've learned along our journey together:

+Trust God to bring you the right person.
+Keep God in the center of everything.
+Fill your lives with love, trust, respect, and honesty on both sides.
+Talk about the hard things up front, before they get hard.
+Keep talking every day, especially when the hard things (which didn't *really* seem so hard when you first talked about them!) actually do get HARD.
+Play together, read together, laugh together, learn together. +Don't be afraid to do something alone - when you come home you'll love being together even more.

Heh. I sound like Robert Fulghum, don't I?? 8-D

JAG said...

Aw. Warm fuzzies!

Congrats and thank you for proving that a truly good marriage is still possible in this cynical and selfish age.


Blondie said...

Congrats! We had our 15th in March, and I had to laugh about the geek/nerd comment regarding gifts. We rarely give gifts for our anniversary, but several years ago, we gave ourselves THE most romantic gift ever - The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia!!!! I guess it's a collector's item now, as it came out BEFORE the "new" movies (1-3). Needless to say, we are not known for our romantic leanings!
It sounds like you two had a great anniversary! We will be in your area in June and July, so maybe we can get together!

Zana said...

That would be great if we could get together while you're in town! 8-) Shoot me an email sometime and I'll give you our phone number. Yay!

Shane Hendricks said...

Congrats to you both and best wishes for continued happiness in life and love.