Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A Little Good News

As you probably know, the professor and I have been in our current locale for almost exactly a year (in fact, we closed on our house here last August 31, so we can consider it an anniversary of sorts!) He has been working on what he jokingly calls "a cranky book about education and philosophy" while continuing to look for another permanent teaching post somewhere. Since I'm comfortably employed, I have encouraged him in this sabbatical. His research and writing is very important to him, and to me, and we are blessed to be at a time in our lives where this opportunity is even an option. We're close to family here, and that has been an even larger blessing because of his family's trials and my mom's recent cancer scare.

But, after 12 months, he is a bit restless. He wants to get back into the classroom and teach again. (I finally realized the depth of his desperation when he applied as an adjunct to the local community college. Alas, classical philosophy is not a sought-after field in the CC/JC world these days.) A friend from our "previous life" told him about a possible one-semester adjunct opening at a Christian university about an hour from here, and after some research about the school he applied. We didn't hear anything over the summer, until last week when they called him for an interview. He went down yesterday and had an exceptional meeting with the department head and the dean. (Usually you don't interview one-time-only adjuncts for two hours!)

Today. He. Has. A. Job. Teaching two upper division philosophy courses to majors. God is good! And to make it better, there were hints during the interview that the professor he is replacing (who's on sabbatical) may not be returning. If so, the extended interview becomes more meaningful. We want to stay in the south, and from everything we know and have learned about this school, it would be an excellent fit (for both of us, even). So, my friends, I ask for your prayers. For guidance and His will, of course, but also (in the spirit of Matthew 21) that He may bless us in our faith and trust that we will come to the place where He needs us to be and where we hope to be.


darren said...

That's awesome! I'm delighted about your news.

Lucky kids, to have the professor. Unless, of course, they're slackers :)

Gratia Domini said...

That's great--I wish I could take his classes and yours too (I think you'll be great)!

I was just thinking about y'all today and missing you. Thanks for your comment- that is a distinct blessing when I am unsure about all those words I just threw out into cyberspace. =)

Happy beginning of football season! Go Sooners!

Would you believe I'm house-sitting for a couple of cats right now? They're working on the evil factor, but are not nearly so advanced in the science as Julian. Greet the evil cat and the good doctor for me!

Zana said...

I hope for your sake the cats you are watching over do not make wicked noises under the bed. If they start that, you will know for sure that they've been reading Julian's blog "How to win friends and terrorize people"!

Go Noles!! ::wicked grin::

And I have to share - I scored tickets for a FSU home game in September. Dad and I are going to the game, and the professor is going to spend the day in the FSU library. Everyone wins!