Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Giving Thanks (in a heffalumps sort of way)

Things I'm thankful for (in no particular order):

Google Images has now added the entire photo collection of LIFE magazine to its digital archives, many that have never been published before.

Florida State's first-string safety Myron Rolle was awarded a Rhodes Scholarship - he wants to be a neurosurgeon. How cool is it that there are college football players who are also excellent college students?

Along the same lines, the philosopher and I are thankful to be visiting friends this weekend in Memphis to watch the Florida State/Florida game. (I will be even more thankful if FSU doesn't embarass itself!)

The Common Cause Partnership is meeting in Wheaton, IL to discuss creating a formal orthodox Anglican province.

The philosopher starts teaching symbolic logic and metaphysics at Samford University in January.

Dewey: The Small-town Library Cat Who Touched the World is being made into a movie.

New Years plans are set with our favorite biologist, who will be visiting us and escaping the frigid climes of West Virginia.

And of course, I'm thankful for family and friends, and all the good things God has provided this year. Have a blessed Thanksgiving, y'all!


darren said...

Go Gators!

I'm glad to hear about the professor's new class.

I miss you guys :(

Zana said...

Sigh - yes, I think the Gators will destroy the Noles. We're just not consistent yet. But you just wait 'til next year!! 8-)

I wish the Samford job was for more than a semester - we're still praying that it might turn into something permanent, though.

We miss you guys too!