Tuesday, December 9, 2008

My name is Alabama, and I am schizophrenic.

It's Alabama. It's December. As the saying goes: if you don't like the weather, wait a few minutes!

Well today we're waiting, and watching, and praying. Tonight severe thunderstorms and tornadoes are predicted. (Yes, Alabama actually has TWO severe weather seasons: one in the spring and one in late fall.) Double the pleasure, double the fun! Dewpoints are in the 60s, and so are the temperatures. Other weather-nerd info says that winds aloft are very high, which is another indicator of a possible severe weather outbreak. My favorite weatherman (and his station) go to 24/7 uninterrupted coverage if there is a tornado warning in the tv coverage area. And for a weather junkie like me, that is way cool. I always learn a lot (if I'm not cowering in the laundry room!)

We don't actually have a weather radio, but the news station set up a weather text alert that will go to your cell phone. You pick the county, and you'll get a text message as soon at the National Weather Service announces the alert. Often my cell phone goes off before we hear the sirens! So even though the professor laughs when I tuck my cell phone under my pillow on those potentially nasty nights, I know that if a tornado is coming I can make sure we go to a safe place.

Tomorrow should be blustery and damp, unpleasant, but not alarming. Then on Thursday, temperatures will drop dramatically and SNOW is predicted Thursday night. Snow. Give Me a Break. Well, as long as it holds off until I get home from work I can live with it.

Hello, my name is Alabama, and I am schizophrenic!


Service Care said...

There's a pretty good weather blog here in Alabama with some nice videos. Not sure if it will let me post the URL here or not, but it's called Mike Wilhelm's Alabama Weather Blog: http://alabama-weather.blogspot.com/

Snow? Really? *rolls eyes and smiles*

Zana said...

Oh, yeah! He's got some great stuff there... and I'm also a fan of the ABC 33/40 weatherblog (as well as a Skywatcher). OK, I admit it. I am a weather nerd. ::grin::