Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Any Prayer Warriors out there?

Our little Anglican church is having a rough time. We've lost almost half our regular members to jobs-out-of-state. Which means, essentially, we're starting over. We have about 10 ASA on a given Sunday, and we desperately need to increase that to stay viable.

So our rector issued all of us a challenge at Sunday's yearly congregational meeting, and prayer is at the top of the list. Besides our own fervent daily prayers, he asked us to find as many folks as possible who would be willing to "sign up" as Prayer Warriors through this April. We would send you regular emails sharing our journey and any specific prayer needs. We're not asking you to convert, or join our congregation, or anything like that - we just know that having a "cloud of witnesses" keeping our little church in prayer is the best thing we can do! Then as we share the Gospel with others and reach out to new members, we know we're being lifted up in prayer. (Which, for me anyway, brings a huge amount of peace and comfort as I am an introvert and sharing my faith is always a challenge!)

So if you feel called to such an endeavor, or if you want more information about our church, you can email me at susannas [dot] email [at] gmail [dot] com. And if you have any words of wisdom, those would be more than welcome!

Peace and blessings!

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