Tuesday, February 3, 2009

God is Good

Prayers were answered!

1. We don't have to re-drill our well, at least not immediately.
2. Our HVAC outage only lasted two days (it didn't get that cold, mostly, while we were waiting on the repairmen) and it ultimately cost less than $200 to fix.
3. We had some new faces at church on Sunday (though there's still a lot of prayer needed for us there).
4. Even though we still haven't heard about any permanent job updates for the philosopher, he is teaching this semester and already had some students approaching him for help with the campus Philosophy Club.
5. And there' s still a chance he'll hear from one of the other colleges that have not yet sent final "thanks but no thanks" letters. There's one in particular that said they were delayed in reviewing CVs. It's the one I think was the best fit for him, with the best recommendations and connections. And even better, it's in the southeast! So not all the doors are closed, and hope is a Good Thing to have!

1 comment:

Matthew said...

Excellent! You, your well, your church and your husband remain in our prayers.