Thursday, March 26, 2009

Signs of Spring

Signs of spring are in the air....

Pine pollen on the cars. Thunderstorms barreling down from the midwest. A green haze of new growth shrouding the treetops. Spinach pushing its way up through the garden soil. An increased prevalance of cat hairballs left in conspicuous high-traffic areas. Yes, all these are signs that spring has arrived.

But the most notable, and perhaps most mysterious signs, are the hints of new life in the cotton fields. As I drove to work the other day I saw the fields, still sleeping after a southern winter of dormancy. Then, on the way home that evening, what a change had been wrought! Upturned soil, furrowed into rich rows waiting anxiously for seed to be sown. It was apparent that the winter hibernation had ended for the plows, and they had finally made their first forays into the crisp afternoon to test their shares and coulters after a long sleep. Perhaps they were teaching their newborn tools the secrets of deep furrows and smooth plowlines. Whatever had awakened these beasts of the farm, they tasted the earth and found it good, leaving their marks behind. Then, after the long day's labor, they retreated to their barns to rest their weary wheels.

Ah....... Spring!!


Blondie said...

Ah...the plugs of mucus in my nose and throat.

Ah...the sneezes and runny noses of my boys.

Ah...where's my antihistamine?

Ah...yep, it's spring!

(I didn't have ANY of these problems until I moved here. I guess there's too much flora and fauna in NC!)

Zana said...

Wow - you're worse in NC than you were in AL??? Amazing! Maybe there's some particular flora in your area that's you're particularly succeptible to... My first spring back in AL (last year) was absolutely dreadful, but this year (knock on wood) it hasn't been too bad.

Blondie said...

Actually, I had allergy testing about 4 or 5 years ago. the was only one pollen to which I was not allergic. I was also highly allergic to dust (we can co-exist peacefully, but if I start cleaning, it gets bad) and cats and dogs. Most of these started in my 30's, as I grew up with cats and dogs (and dust) with no issues.
Oh, the joys of getting older!