Thursday, April 23, 2009

What Librarians Wish Publishers Knew

OK, I'll call this a shameless plug. Read THIS. ::grin:: It's a brochure created by my favorite library comic strip Unshelved. They spent a large amount of time soliciting opinions from readers, booksellers, and librarians for comments on things they wished they could tell publishers. Then they illustrated it, and will be distributing it to publishers and all other unsundry takers at BookExpo America.

My favorite? "The cover artist should read the book!"

(And I promise you, there are some atrocious covers out there, especially among the philosophy books. I mean really, do you want to read a book on Neoplatonism that has an aqua blue and lime green abstract cover? Blech!)

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Blondie said...

I LOVED that! Not only do I agree about the cover artist actually reading the book, but I also agree about the not using crazy packaging - especially in books for kids.