Wednesday, May 20, 2009

15 Years in a Flash...

So, the philosopher and I will be celebrating 15 years of marriage this Friday. I can't believe it's been FIFTEEN YEARS. Wow.

We started dating in 1990, both still in college and young and crazy like most college kids are. We graduated, and he asked my father's permission in my dad's study (not realizing at the time that my dad's guns were hanging on the wall behind him. ::heh::). He promised my dad he would always take care of me and treat me right. He proposed on the beach near his hometown and I was completely clueless, even when he went down on one knee, until he pulled the ring out of his pocket.

We lived a very sparse and poor life our first few years in Miami and Tallahassee. Then we moved out of our comfort zone (well, ok, out of *my* comfort zone) to Virginia. We bought our first house. It was in need of major TLC, and we doled it out happily, learning how to strip paint and frame new walls and hang insulation and do plumbing and electrical repairs. I cried when we sold our stone cottage, but we moved back to the deep south and that made it easier.

Now we're in another series of "life changes" as the philosopher continues to look for full time work and finish his book. We've almost finished the TLC on our second house (I think we're fated to buy old houses and fix them up!) We've discovered new things we like to do together, like hiking and astronomy. We'll probably end up moving again with another adventure on the horizon. But through it all we've loved each other and trusted each other and supported each other. He is my true love and my best friend, and I thank God every day for bringing us together.


Blondie said...

How sweet and happy anniversary!

I love the proposal story...Jeff has yet to propose to me! (long story, but since we've been married 16 years I guess it all worked out!)

How did the estate sale go last weekend?

Zana said...

Ooh - the estate sale went swimmingly! I was amazed - there was only a couple of boxes of unsold this-and-that left. And considering how much "junque" they started with, holy moly. I'll recommend this company in a heartbeat.

We're probably going up in a weekend or two and finish clearing out the trash, maybe steam clean the carpets, and be done with the whole mess. Whew!!

Darren said...

Happy anniversary, guys! Hope you have an awesome summer.