Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Summer Fun

Over at Blondie's Bits, she goes through a list of her top ten fun activities to do during the summer. It sounded like a great list (and since I'm all about lists) so I decided to do one myself. Some of these things may not sound like fun to you, but to us they'll be a blast!

1. Refinish dining room table and chairs (once we buy the unfinished chairs, that is). We have my grandma's very old round farmhouse table. It's solid walnut (except for the veneer around the sides) but the top is in very bad shape. Since the pedestal is in good condition, we're hoping to gently refinish the top so we don't have to keep it hidden by a tablecloth. We are also planning to buy four unfinished mission style chairs to go with it, and then stain them to match.

2. Go hiking to the Walls of Jericho and Dismals Canyon. These are our goals, anyway. The Jericho hike is a tough one, so we're hoping to build up our hiking muscles over the summer and cap things off at these two sites.

3. Go to an outdoor theater or musical performance. I don't know what, or where, or when. But it would be stupendous!

4. Visit West Virginia. We're going up to see a friend for her birthday. Last year we went to Pipestem State Park and talked about the philosophy of literature and its role in classical education. This year, who knows what fun we'll get into!

5. Eat at Johnny Rockets. Ooooohhhh - their milkshakes are fabulous!

6. Camping in the back yard (sort of). Make a bonfire in the back yard (we have a fire ring where we burn yard debris), cook hotdogs and make s'mores. Then sleep inside, in the air conditioning, in our own bed. What could be better?

7. Go see Harry Potter on opening weekend. Yes, I admit it. I'm a fan (and so is the philosopher!) We saw the fifth movie in IMAX at the Smithsonian in DC. I doubt we'll get that fancy this time.

8. Chow down on summer's harvest. We'll definitely eat lots of fresh produce from our garden and from the farm too. Yuuuummmmmm.....

9. Pools and hammocks. Spend time in our pool and relax in the hammock. (Well, the philosopher likes to swim. I'm more of a "read in the hammock" kinda girl!)

10. Complete home decorating projects. We want to build a Wardian case and make a faux window sash for a windowless room.


Blondie said...

It all sounds like fun to me (except the hiking part). Your idea of camping out sounds like my idea of camping out!

Is there a Johnny Rocket's close to you? I've eaten at one in Myrtle Beach Atlanta but I've heard you mention it before...

HP at Smithsonian? Now that is beyond cool!

I also hope to make it to the farmer's market tomorrow. Hope.

I will be in your neck o' the woods again June 21-28. My plans right now are to be at Paint the Town on Friday night (Mocha is that week) and to meet my long-lost cousin on Saturday.

Zana said...

There's a Johnny Rockets in Birmingham, at the Summit - that's the closest one I know about. (We ate there for Valentine's day.) It's worth the drive, definitely!

Oooh - let's try to get together that weeek you're here! 8-)