Monday, June 22, 2009

Table Project, Completed

I've never been reticent to admit that the philosopher and I are pretty handy around the house. We've hung sheetrock, rewired boxes, fiddled with plumbing (successfully), repaired walls and floors, installed insulation, and dozens of other things. When we took on our most recent project, though, I was afraid we'd bitten off more than we could chew.

Some of my errant thoughts over the last two weekends:

"This table is 100 years old... what if we damage it?"

"We just bought these chairs, yeah, they're unfinished but what if we muck up the stain and ruin them?"

"We've matched the stain as close as we could, but what if the chairs and the table don't look right together?

"Can you get polyurethane out of leg hairs, or will we need to shave his leg?"

At the end, though, it was worth every bit of the 100 degree days in the shop, the layers of stain and poly coating fingers and clothes (and yes, legs), the sanding masks and the ventilator masks as we applied the stripping compound.

And here it is, set and ready for Father's Day dinner with my dad. Yay!!


Blondie said...


You two did a great job! I had to laugh about polyurethane and leg hairs, though.

I am in town was a heck of a day! I was up before 5 to take Jeff to the airport, ended up having to buy two new tires, and I just killed a wasp's nest IN MY SON"S BEDROOM at my mom's house. So...when are you available for social time?

Zana said...


I'm usually home by 7pm Mon - Thurs. Off all day Friday except 3-4pm (meeting - argh). And free the rest of the weekend too. I also sent this to your email(s) with my phone number. Hope we can make it work!


The Heart said...

That is beautiful. Great job.