Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Batman Lunchbox

We've been attending Sunday School at a local church recently. We've been studying the parables, but this past week we veered off a bit to talk about John 6 (Jesus feeding the 5000). The teacher - let's call him Bob - told the story in a very different way, with a different emphasis than I've ever heard before. I wanted to share his lesson with you (both of you!), and here's my plan - I'm going to tell it as close to the way he told it as possible, using his turns of phrase. (I'm convinced he was a teacher in another life!) So here it is....

OK, so we're going to talk about John 6. And as I always do, I ask my favorite question: "Yeah... so what?" So why this this story important? What does it teach us? Well, let's look at it. We've got Jesus, and he's testing the disciples, namely Phillip and Andrew. He goes to Phillip - who's from around here and knows the good places to get a quick bite to eat - and asks him how they can feed all these people. Phillip knows the local Kmart closed down, and he also knows it's a heck of a hike to the nearest big town where they can get some cheap Big Macs. And even if they can catch a donkey and a wagon, they don't have enough. Say a Big Mac costs a denari. Then they could buy 200, and maybe cut them in half, or even in quarters. But that's still only 800! So Phillip says, "No way, man. It can't be done!" So, does Phillip pass the test? I'd say no - he gets a big goose egg!

Andrew was standing nearby, and heard Jesus' question. He's been hanging out with the crowd, chatting with people and talking about Jesus. And you gotta remember - to this crowd Jesus is a Big Deal. He's like a rock star! Everybody wants to hear what he's got to say! Anyway, Andrew has been milling around, and he saw Jakob's son. Now this kid *really* wanted to hear Jesus. So he begged, and his Dad finally gave him permission. But he also encouraged the boy to pack a lunch. "Son, it's going to be a long, hot day. Make sure you take something to eat!" So the kid grabs a few biscuits and some small bits of dried fish, puts them in his Batman lunchbox, and rushes out the door. So Andrew saw that this kid had a lunchbox. It's not much, that's for sure. But it's more than anyone else has. And maybe, somewhere in the back of his mind, he's remembering the events at Cana. So he points out the kid to Jesus, and says "that boy has some food, but it's not enough to feed everyone!" Now, does Andrew pass the test? Well, maybe not with flying colors, since he's still doubtful it will make a difference, but yeah - give him a C for effort.

Now, here's the last person Jesus tests - Jakob's son! What would you do if you were a kid in a sea of adults, and you see two of the guys that hang out with Jesus start pointing at you and walking your way? What would you do if they ask you to bring your lunchbox and come with them? I know what I would do - I'd turn and run the other way. No way you're getting MY lunch. But instead, Jakob's son gives up his lunchbox to Jesus... and look what happens! Can you imagine the amazement, the wonder, as the baskets gets passed around? Instead of being greedy with his five loaves, this boy gives them to Jesus and takes part in one of the greatest miracles of all time. Imagine the tales he had to share with his dad when he got home. Yeah, I'd say he passes Jesus's test with flying colors!

Yeah... so what?

So we've got Jesus demonstrating his power. And we've got the faith and trust of a child. And maybe what we should take away from that is don't be afraid to dream big. If Jesus calls, give what you've got, even if it's not much. And sit back and watch what Jesus can do with that gift!

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