Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Snow and Legos

We had some snow last week.

Not much, but enough to close schools and freeze roads and basically force everyone to stay home and entertain themselves. So I pulled out my jumbo box of Legos and decided to create the Smiths' dream house, a 1 1/2 story craftsman bungalow! (Well, ok. We might opt for a different color scheme!)
It may not be a masterpiece like this or this, or even as good as my rendition of Notre Dame Cathedral some years ago (and yes, I even made flying buttresses), but I'm proud of it. And it even has a grill for the philosopher!


Blondie said...

Impressive...I am all about the craftsmen bungalow, too.

Have you ever been to Legoland? I could spend days there just looking at all of the Lego creations.

Zana said...

Ahhhh.... Legoland. Alas, I have never made the pilgrimage. ::sigh::