Tuesday, June 15, 2010

An Introduction!

As you probably know, our 2000 Focus became an organ donor back in the spring, when the philosopher was run off the road driving down the interstate. (No one was hurt!)

So since then, we've been searching for a new vehicle. We have a really beat up Dodge Dakota, so it was decided that we should sell the Dodge and replace both vehicles with a single small truck. After much research (do remember ... I am a librarian!) we decided on a Ford Ranger, or perhaps a Toyota Tacoma if we could find one cheap enough. (Not likely, as Toyotas hold their value amazingly well.)

This weekend, we purchased Strider!

As you can surmise from the name, we were thinking that a Ford Ranger would be our only option. But to our happiness, we scored an AMAZING deal on this 1999 Tacoma. Still, the name had already stuck. Since "Strider" was merely a guise for Aragorn, then why should it not work for our Toyota?

Yes, we are nerds. Did you just now realize that?? ::grin::


Blondie said...

My son completely understood the LOTR reference!

Frufrock said...

Oh dear. I'm afraid that this post adds solid evidence to my theory about the genetic disbursement in the Smith family. Greg, the intellectual, described the truck as "brown." I hate to say it but it's obvious that the color of the truck is a cross between buff and taupe.

Just thought I'd set the record straight.