Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Door Opens ...

At least it opens a little bit wider, anyway.  Back around New Years I posted the sad announcement that the philosopher didn't get the position at the school where he's been adjuncting for a couple of years.  I also posted about a possible job at another Happy Southern School, and told of our friends and my desire not to hope for it too much because the disappointment was so fresh.

Well, the philosopher has a phone interview tomorrow.  We were laughing about it on our hike this past weekend, saying that we had friends there already, and we knew where we would go to church, and by golly there is even a 1920s Arts and Crafts house for sale that we would love to buy and restore.  So really, all we needed was a reason to move!

We're not quite at that point, but yes, we are hopeful.  It's been a long time wandering in this desert.  I don't know if we've learned what God wanted us to learn here, but I'd like to think we've grown in ways we don't even realize.  I do know that we are both ready to start on our next adventure and we pray that this path, which seems so clear right now, is the way we need to go.

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