Monday, June 25, 2012

West Palm Beach

So, I just got back from a library conference in West Palm Beach, Florida.  (I know, I know - it really stinks to have a conference in Florida, but somebody's got to go!)  It was held at Palm Beach Atlantic University, a short stroll across the causeway

to the beautiful Palm Beach coast.

I'd like to tell you I spent my days lounging on the beach (reading a book, of course) but that was not to be.  The philosopher, however, came back to our room with sand in his shoes more than once!  Instead of beach-bumming, I spent several days here,

in the Warren Library, soaking up information on video tutorials, marketing e-resources, customer service initiatives, embedded librarians, the role of Christian universities in the academic marketplace, teaching critical thinking, and networking like crazy.

It was exhausting.

But there were some fun times, like seeing an Edward Gorey exhibit at the Norton Museum of Art, and enjoying the absolute lushness of south Florida.

We lived in Miami for three years, long ago, and I must say I still enjoy the beauty of a sub-tropical climate.  Um... that's not to say I enjoy the climate itself!  Phew!  All in all, I'm very glad I went, and I feel like I came away with lots of good ideas I can put into actual practice.  It's Very Good to be home, with quiet places I can retreat to when things get crazy and a more moderate climate.  (Though alas, no royal poinciana trees will ever bloom in Georgia!)