Monday, August 27, 2012

Life Got in the Way

Oh, my.

June?  That's the last time I posted?

Abject apologies to my one or two readers!

Let's see... what's happened since then?

We visited our biologist friend and our Tallahassee friends in Jackson Tennessee over the 4th of July holiday.  Our biologist friend took us to Cypress Grove Nature Park, where we saw

 a bald eagle

 a snowy egret

 an owl

and a very creepy spider web

The rest of July and August has passed in a daze, though we did get to go hiking this past weekend at Sloppy Floyd State Park.  Alas, the camera did not get to go hiking with us, so there is a distinct lack of photos from the trip. We took the Jackson Gap trail up to the Pinhoti Trail, and the Marble Mine trail back down to the valley and the lakes. Suffice it to say, there was a 800 foot change in elevation over about half a mile both going up and coming down.  WHEW!  There was a sign on the trail going up that said "Warning. 30% grade ahead."  And it MEANT it.

But it was a lovely time, and it felt great to get back out into the woods again.

The semester started last week, so of course that has consumed the rest of our time.

But Doctor Who (Season 7) starts this weekend, and the philosopher is playing in a real Magic tournament next weekend, so life won't be all drudge and work!


Merc said...

I can see where we are on your priority list. Hmmph ;)

JAG said...

The spider web is even more impressive in the photo than in real life.

rogerf_s said...

Good to see you blog again. Glad you had some fun this summer.