Thursday, March 28, 2013

The March wind doth blow....

Wow.  Looks like life (again) got in the way of blogging.  ::heh::  So, what's been going on since mid-February? 

The philosopher and I have been busy with projects, including finishing up the foyer project. (What?  You thought I was just joking when I said we'd finish during spring break?)

So, anyway, here's the final result:

Looks a little better than before, right?  And now we can even open the front door all the way!  (Yes, the door used to hit the newel post....)  Have I mentioned how proud I am of the philosopher and his DIY skills?

We also dug our second raised bed garden (or third, if you count the herb bed too) and just recently I got onions, sweet peas, and spinach planted.  This weekend, if the weather holds out, I'll be planting kale and lettuce!

Our back yard is pretty sloped, so we went with a long, narrow bed this time:

 Yummy yummy - can't wait until harvest time!

There's really no other interesting news.  The philosopher had a phone interview, and we're praying hard for an on-campus interview.  (The signs seem promising, but you never know.) 

So we wait more-or-less patiently for the signs of spring to start warming things up, and then the house projects will really start taking off.  This summer we're hoping to use a special paint on our decking to avoid the expense of having to redo the whole mess.  We've also got some more crown molding to rip down and reinstall properly, along with some more painting.

But spring always brings dreams of house projects, even though the summer heat saps the energy we need to do anything.  So who knows what will actually get done!

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