Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Caveat Empor!

My mother-in-law is an amazing seamstress.  She doesn't make clothing, tho, but draperies and valances and pillows... and awesomely cute bags and purses, which she sells at a craft market once a month in Pensacola.  (I've bragged about her work here before!)

We were visiting a few weeks ago, and I fell in love with a messenger bag she'd created.  Well, I fell in love with the *style* - the fabric, not so much. ::grin::  So she said that if we could find fabric I liked, she'd make me one for Christmas.  Later that evening, we headed to her workshop and pored through her piles and piles of fabric.  I saw a couple of things I liked, but nothing really spoke to me.  So I went on an online shopping adventure, and found a fabric I adored at an online fabric wholesaler.  WOOT! 

Credit card in hand, I placed my order with abandon (I think the grand total was a whopping 15 bucks with shipping).  I waited anxiously for the material to arrive, and - voila - a few days later there lay a package on my front porch.  I eagerly pulled the fabric out... and...

Not at all what I was expecting.  At. All.  The print was HUGE - the flowers which in the online pictures looked to be an inch across were closer to 8 inches... way too big to be on a bag.  So it's in reserve in her shop, and I hope someday to find a use for it... pillows, maybe, or a valance?

So the moral of this story is - know what you're buying before you plunk down the money.  ::sigh::

I think I'll head to Fabric and Fringe this weekend!