Thursday, November 13, 2014

A Lovely Trip to Charleston

First, how can it be November?  How is that even possible?  Have I really been so busy in the last five months that I haven't made a single post?  Done one silly thing that I wanted to share?  Had one ornery rant that I wanted to convey?  REALLY?

Probably not.

But I did go to Charleston last week for a conference.  I had only a couple of hours total to walk around, but there was a reception at the South Carolina Aquarium.

So here are some photos, mostly without commentary....

Battery Park

A better view of the gazebo at Battery Park

private residence


Another private residence

Presbyterian Church

historic home

Episcopal Church

Historic home with some *serious* home defense!

And then we went to the aquarium for a reception.  The pictures SO don't do it justice, but I took a few that are blog-worthy....

First, they had a few rescued birds.... a bald eagle

and a kestrel (I thought they were bigger than this!)


seahorse (look closely, he's down near the bottom of the orange coral on the left)

Alien (No, you cannot possibly convince me these actually occur in nature.  ::shudder:: )

Eastern diamondback rattlesnake (Protip - avoid these if you meet one in the wild!)

Albino alligator (Protip 2: Also avoid these in the wild.)

I don't remember what this is, but it makes me smile.

Mmmmm - shrimp and grits!!!!  

The conference was amazing, by the way, but I will spare you any photos of 1500 librarians listening to speakers and attending workshops.  8-)

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