Wednesday, August 26, 2015

News Flash

It's the end of August.

The summer break has come and gone, in a flash, it seems.

Fall semester has started already.

Football season begins in two weeks.

And I have news I haven't shared with the two of you who still read my woefully un-updated blog.


In the pic below, on the left is a ridiculously expensive bottle of wine.
On the right is the newest Assistant Professor of Philosophy at the college where we work.

Yes, indeed.  Prayers have been answered, in abundance.  After nearly eight years of part-time teaching, the philosopher now has a tenure-track position.  We are settled into our new home, and are reveling in the joy of being where we're supposed to be.

It is a good thing, indeed.

(BTW, don't tell him I posted his pic.  He'll be embarrassed.)