Tuesday, July 12, 2016

A Kitchen Update - the Saga of the Floor

So, you know how in the post below I said "the subfloor is in surprisingly good condition for a 140 year old house"?

Yeah.  About that.

So once we got ALL the pine flooring up, we realized that there was significant termite damage to the southwest corner.  So the philosopher bravely pulled up the subfloor (in some cases with his bare hands, which tells you how weak the wood was).  He put down a vapor barrier, to both prevent moisture AND any new bugs.  He laminated new 2x8s to the damaged joists.  And then laid fresh subfloor on top.  He said "rats" a lot, and maybe "drat" a few times, but he got the job done.

I am very proud of his efforts - it saved us a ton of money (and time) because we did the work.

The next step was to have the new hardwood installed.  We bought prefinished solid oak, at a flooring place just up the highway. Good price.  And one of the installers was good.

The other one?

Not so good.

You see all those blue bits of tape?  Damaged spots.  The good installer came back the next day with several more boxes of flooring, ripped up what had been laid, and started over.

Two days later he was done, and the floor is beautiful.  Now we need to do something about the walls.  ::heh::

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