Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Cats in the belfry...

Check this out...

I wonder how many community college libraries have a friendly feline? I couldn't bring MY cat (spawn of Satan that she is, she would shred patrons' socks and cough up hairballs in the reference department) but a nice sweet kitty like the one in this article would be just perfect!

Hm. Now, how do I pitch this to my boss?? ::grin::

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Episcopal/Anglican Border crossing

First off, let me preface this ... rant ... by saying I'm not an historian. I also have little insight into the Anglican Communion's seemingly schizophrenic attitude to so-called "Boundary Crossing". I do know, however, that TEC is pitching a hissy because foreign bishops are coming in and setting up ANGLICAN churches in the same geographical areas which also encompass Episcopal dioceses. OK. Someone on a Stand Firm thread asked a very salient point:

Did TEC establish their overseas (European and otherwise) dioceses before there were non-TEC Anglican provinces in those countries? If not, how can TEC accuse Southern Cone and African provinces of violating historic precedent/polity?

Well, being a librarian, I thought I'd do a little research. Europe seemed like a good place to start. The Church of England has been around a while - long before TEC popped onto the scene, so let's see what's going on. The CoE has something called The Diocese in Europe. Looks like it's been around since, oh, around 1633. The TEC has something called The Convocation of American Churches in Europe. And it's been around since, oh, about 1994. Indeed, from the CACE website:
Delegates addressed a letter to the 1998 Lambeth Conference reiterating their commitment to resolve the anomaly of parallel Anglican jurisdictions and their belief that the future would involve the establishment of an Anglican Province in Continental Europe. The Lambeth bishops adopted a resolution encouraging ‘continued exploration towards appropriate provincial structures for Anglican Continental Europe in partnership with other Churches in the service of the common mission of the Church’.

Hmm. Umm. Hmm. Now, CANA (oddly enough the name has a slightly familiar ring to it: Convocation of Anglicans in North America) is doing the same thing, yes? It's planting appropriate (read that: orthodox, Bible-believing, Jesus-professing churches) in North America, and it certainly serves the common mission of the Anglican Communion (that whole Great Commission thing, I think).

I don't think I will say any more. But it's just something to think about. And if someone has deeper knowledge of the polity and structure of provincial systems and can explain to me why it works for the US to go to Europe but not for Africa or the Southern Cone to come to the US, I'd be happy to hear it.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Vegetable bribery?

Well - this is a first. Today during my library shift I helped this very nice lady find some books on nutrition. She was very energetic, and excited that we had a large selection (we have a nursing program so most of what we have is more technically-oriented than for a layman's consumption). She had a very thick accent, and so it was a bit of struggle for both of us at first to figure out what each other was saying. Finally, we got to the section she was looking for, and I had to leave her there because I was the only one working the front desk and had someone else waiting.

She came down with an armload of books, ranging from a juicing guide to a nursing-and-nutrition title. She thanked me profusely and headed out the door. Just minutes later she popped back in with a bag, and proceeded to hand me some tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers. "I have a garden, and I have enough to share! Thank you so much! I will bring you more when I bring back your books!" I gave her my heartfelt thanks and told her it really wasn't necessary to bring more vegetables, but she said "No, you helped me! I will bring more!" So how do you handle a patron who insists on bribing you with fresh vegetables??!? ::haha::

Our college has a very strict policy about accepting gifts from vendors and other "people of influence", but I don't think patrons count. And on the whole I thought it would be quite rude to turn down this kind lady's offer, and I must admit if she brings some zucchini I couldn't say no to that either. 8-)

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

A Prayer for Anglicans

This is from the July/August edition of the Mandate, the bi-monthly publication of the Prayer Book Society. I thought it very appropriate as Lambeth kicks off tomorrow.

Prayers for the people of the Anglican Way in North America:

Gracious heavenly Father, who hast blessed the peoples of North America in countless ways, and who hast caused to be planted here the Anglican branch of thy holy, catholic and apostolic Church: Look mercifully, we pray, upon the people of the Anglican Way in Canada and the U.S.A., troubled as they are by numerous problems; Grant to them, we beseech thee, the inspiration, guidance and strengthening of thy Holy Spirit that they may aspire and work truly to be the Household of Faith, the Body of Christ, and the holy People of God, united in love and truth as they follow the Lord Jesus Christ. And, by thy saving power and perpetual providence, be pleased to graft in their hearts the fear and love of thy Name; to increase in them true devotion and piety; to nourish them in all goodness; to make them tranquil in anxiety; and, in thy mercy, to keep them surely in the same; through the merits of Jesus Christ, thy Son and our Savior. Amen.

Amen indeed.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

A Simple Desultory Philippic

Stand Firm has a lovely post on three of Simon and Garfunkel's most beautiful love songs. That post inspired me, you might say, to write my own lyrics to a lesser-known but also poignant S&G ditty: A Simple Desultory Philippic With apologies to Paul Simon, here it is:

A Simple Desultory Philippic
(Or How I Was Rowan William'd into Submission)

I been Jefferts Schori’d, Susan Russell’d
I been Rowan Williamed, Frank Griswald’d
I been Bishop Lee’d and Kearon’d till I’m blind
I been Michael Ingham’d, and I’m branded
Conservative, but on Christ I’m standing
That’s the way to salvation, in my mind

I been “Jesus wasn’t resurrected”
I been John Chane’d, Gene ordained
Well I paid all the tithes I want to pay
And I learned the truth from the Episcopal Church
That all my wealth will buy me health
And I can drink some koolaid every day

I knew a man, his brain was so small,
He couldn't think of nothing at all.
He's not the same as you and me.
He doesn’t dig orthodoxy, He’s so unchurched that
When you say St. Peter, he thinks you’re talking about Peter Rabbit
Whoever he was.
The man ain’t got no religion
But it's alright, ma,
Buddha is the way to God!

I been Shelby Spong’d and Righter wronged
Bishop Moore, won’t you please come home?
I been “mother, child, wombed” - unfathomed
Been John Pike’d and Howard-babbled
I just discovered ECUSA’s tapped my phone

I lost my Communion, Rowan