Monday, April 26, 2010

Flowers and a thought

This is a flower off one of the rose bushes my great-grandmother brought from Carrollton, Georgia to Haleyville, Alabama. My grandmother later brought them from Haleyville to Collinsville, Alabama when she married my granddad. When we had to sell the family homestead last year, I brought the bushes to my house. And now they're blooming!

I've been trying to identify them - they're definitely Old Garden Roses (yup, that's an actual classification), and I think they're of the Bourbon variety though they could be Hybrid Perpetuals. I'm confident that far because of how old they are - the modern roses weren't even available back when Mamie was gardening in Georgia! I'm thinking they may be either "Louise Odier" or "Anna de Diesbach" but I don't have enough information yet to be certain. Still, isn't it amazing that roses from the mid-1800s are now growing in my yard?

My Nannie passed away last week, but I have a little bit of her living in my garden. And I think that's just how she'd want it!

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Frufrock said...

Absolutely beautiful! And I refer to the rose itself AND the gift we've been given by the generations before us... lest we forget the opportunity we have use their strength and wisdom to bring more beauty into the world with each passing season.