Wednesday, June 8, 2011


My apologies.  It's been a while since I've posted.  I think I'll chalk it all up to adventures.  Yeah.  Lots and LOTS of adventures.

Adventures in the lat week of an old job.
Adventures in tornadoes.
Adventures in having no power, and getting it back, and losing it again after the tornado.
Adventures in packing and organizing (or is that supposed to be organizing and packing?)
Adventures in MORE packing, less organized.
Adventures in moving.
Adventures in the movers being very unskilled in Tetris and not fitting everything in the truck.
Adventures in plumbing.
Adventures in replacing front doors.  And taking the new one out, and trying again.  And again.  And finally suceeding!
Adventures in going back to Alabama every week to mow and get more stuff the movers didn't load.
Adventures in starting a new job, and discovering they're still in the throes of renovation.  So instead of learning all the stuff I need to learn, I'm moving books and disassembling shelves.

Adventures in stuff like this make me too tired to blog!

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Frufrock said...

Hang in there! Hugs and blueberry kisses from The Plains. -stacy